About Me

About Me

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Registered Nurse.  I have worked in acute care and long-term facilities, and I counsel both inpatients and outpatients.  My career choices have allowed me to see, firsthand, the effects of poor dietary and personal health decisions on a daily basis.

A candid selfie of me thinking about my next post.

Learning how animals are treated in order to turn them into food was all I needed back in the sixth grade to start on my vegetarian journey.  The more I learned, the more firmly convinced I became that I had taken the right path.

You see, the meat industry isn’t just cruel to animals; it’s devastating to the neighborhoods the abattoirs are found in; eating the animal products is harmful; and producing the animal products creates egregious amounts of waste while sucking up enormous amounts of finite reserves, such as water, land, and food that could otherwise be devoted to starving people.  I could go on  and on.   And I will.

All told, I have been vegetarian for over 35 years, most of them vegan.  I started as your typical cheese eater, but soon dropped the dairy.  I continue to be astounded by the wealth of healthy, delicious, vegan products introduced every day.  Today, being vegan is easier and more exciting than ever.

Please send your feedback, suggestions, comments, and rants.  I will read them all, but may not respond to them all.  Thank you for your time.

Mary RDN, RN