All Fast Food is Trash Food

All Fast Food is Trash Food

Every 14 hours or so, a new McDonald’s opens somewhere on the globe.  Not only do Americans have to have their Big Macs, they have to make sure every other culture everywhere else in the universe has access to them, as well.  We don’t want all that diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease just for ourselves, now do we?

“But wait!” I can hear you indignantly protest.  “I don’t eat red meat, of course I know it’s not healthy.  I only eat chicken.

I hate to break it to you like this, my friend, but it’s all crap.  Save for perhaps a single item here or there, there’s nothing you can buy at a fast food joint that in any way resembles anything healthy.  Let’s compare a few chicken sandwich meals at some popular fast food places, shall we?



Crispy Chicken Sandwich w/ light mayo, large fries, large soda: 1400 calories, 60g fat, 1600 mg sodium

Burger King

Chicken Whopper, large fries, large soda: 1500 calories, 70g fat, 2500 mg sodium

Taco Bell

Chicken Quesadilla w/ guac & sour cream, large soda: 950 cal, 40g fat, 1800 mg sodium


Even the “healthiest” choice at any fast food place comes with the temptation to order a large fry, or a shake, hot dog, etc.  Why bother putting yourself in that position to begin with?

Because no matter what you’re contemplating choosing from the menu, it’s all pretty much salty, greasy, garbage, IMHO.  On top of which, it’s detrimental to the environment to produce it, it helps perpetuate the poverty cycle for the people who serve it, and it’s unquestionably a huge contributor to animal suffering.

Fast food restaurants also like to plop down in poor neighborhoods, where food deserts leave the residents little choice but to eat at these glorified slophouses.  Nutrition goes down, obesity rates go up.

I highly recommend the following article:

Garber AK1, Lustig RH.  Is fast food addictive?  Curr Drug Abuse Rev. , 2011 Sep;4(3):146-62.

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