Our Daily Poison, One Bite At A Time

Our Daily Poison, One Bite At A Time

If you are old enough to remember nature writer Rachel Carson’s unforgettable book The Silent Spring (1962), you know the kind of national discussion and concern it engendered.  Unfortunately, we didn’t learn, so it had to happen again, and we are in for a bumpy flight.

Just released in paperback, Our Daily Poison:  From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminated the Food Chain and Are Making Us Sick (The New Press, 2016) by Marie-Monique Robin, carries on in that tradition but goes even further in the information she lays bare for her readers.

Robin is an internationally-recognized award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker.  In ODP, she has laid bare the myriad ways we are assaulted daily by harmful chemicals, not only in our food, but in our packaging and other household products, as well.

Robin covers many subjects in this hefty expose.  It is not an easy read, but definitely worth it.  ODP covers the increasing rate of chronic diseases,* endocrine disruptors, and the manner in which international corporations maintain a cloud of secrecy and misinformation around many of the products we use and ingest daily only skims the surface.

Through Robin’s book, it is clear that if they didn’t, consumers would all too soon come to the realization that P&G, J&J, or any of a thousand other multinational corporations, no dan una mierde.  Just the money, baby.


*(despite the billions of dollars we willingly throw at various charities & telethons, with little or nothing to show for it, I might add)

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